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Being a backend Drupal specialist, I normally do not get too involved in the frontend side of things but being a well rounded technical resource I just cannot ignore tools which make life that much easier on projects.

In Alfresco Summit 2014 one of the topics/projects that was discussed was an integration between Alfresco and TogetherJS to develop a live chat in Sha

Docx4j is an open source (ASLv2) Java library for creating and manipulating Microsoft Open XML (Word docx, Powerpoint pptx, and Excel xlsx) files. It is similar to Microsoft's OpenXML SDK, but for Java.

Knowing how to write tests could be useful because it can help to increase the quality of the code and save hours of time clicking around a site making sure things still work after making any changes.
Recently, I started using Gulp.js on my projects to automate and enhance my workflow for the front-end part. I had the chance to experiment a few plugins and I will highlight 3 of them that I found very useful.

As a back-end developer, I had the chance to work on a project which required writing automated tests for a Drupal site using Behat.


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