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Mule provides an easy to use JSON module that has a bunch of functionality for transforming, filtering and working with JSON documents.

"Enterprise Content Management" or ECM minimally encompasses Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management and Web Content Management. An enterprise online portal is a specially designed website that acts as an entry point for bringing information together from all these diverse sources in a uniform way. Here are three reasons why you should go with Drupal for Enterprise Online Portal Dev.
Apart from having a friendly user interface, Drupal also serves as a front-end for many of the technologies, frameworks and APIs. Besides the numerous advantages Drupal has, it also allows developers to make use of other technologies outside of the Drupal platform: MuleSoft, Alfresco, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and Python are among the technologies that can easily be integrated with Drupal.
Get to know David Liau, one of our developers and original Appnovators

In this quick tutorial, we will expose our Drupal 8 site content through a RESTful API.

Docker is an open-source platform consisting of a portable, lightweight runtime engine and packaging tool that enables IT to quickly ship and run applications, unchanged, on developers' laptops--testing or production environments. As well described by Docker's founder and CEO, other than the obvious technical benefits, the real value of Docker is “getting people to agree on something”. In this post, I will provide some insight on why the fuss about Docker.


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