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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Responsive Techniques are among the web design trends of 2014. The technology has evolved and the benefits are numerous; this post highlights why SVG will be used more and more in the near future.
This blog post runs through how to do a Drupal setup on Google App Engine.
Although knowledge and experience are the keys to success as a Drupal developer, we can use tools to make our experience easier and more productive. PHPStorm is one of the tools that I find useful and makes working with drupal more enjoyable. Here are 8 ways PHPStorm can improve Drupal development.

It’s official! Our module for Canopy Drupal Alfresco Integration is officially open to the public!

2014 will be the year of Drupal 8! In this post, find resources for getting started.
The decision to make your website multilingual may be driven by the desire to increase site traffic, increase sales, gain a better competitive edge, or as a courtesy for your customers. Whatever the reasons, a successful multilingual project requires a comprehensive and robust translation backbone. Drupal 7 provides this necessary backbone; I offer this blog post which is written in the light of my recent experiences in creating a tri-lingual system.


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