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Designing a website for a non-profit organization has unique challenges. Properly delivering their message demands that the design be clean and simple, while still conveying the importance of their work and the people they help. This collection of websites provides examples of some of the best designed non-profit websites.
A little bit about Appnovation’s latest co-op cohort
Get to know Rob Wild, one of our Front End Developers in the UK
As more and more sites decide to go the responsive web design route it's clear that "responsive web design" is more than just a buzz-word. This post takes a closer look at 5 responsive websites, examining design, user interface, user experience - and what makes them awesome overall.
One thing that can aid in website usability is a minimal design approach. Here is a list of 7 websites I've found to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and tastefully minimal.
Although Appnovation started out as a Drupal development shop, we also support many different languages, technologies, and frameworks. The nature of this industry is always in a state of flux and serving the needs of your clients requires the ability to adapt and implement the most appropriate solutions as needed. Here are some basic aspects of computer programming languages and some related functionality in Drupal.


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