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The number of brands keeps increasing every year, so each brand has a need to distinguish from others in this competitive market. The following key elements are to be taken into account when developing a digital brand engagement strategy.

We are now at the point where we are finding, at least from the UK outpost of Appnovation, that a client is not additionally requesting a responsive aspect to their project deliverable, rather it has become another normal NFR.

Drupal Commerce is a very simple, yet powerful, framework that can cater to all business needs; it is the best platform for facilitating e-commerce on your website. Here are three reasons why e-commerce sites should use Drupal Commerce.
At Appnovation, we take pride in delivering professional and innovative Drupal based solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We practice a depth of continuous collaboration between stakeholders and the development team throughout the production process. Testing becomes an essential component of each and every phase of the developmental process, with quality being “baked in,” through constant feedback, to the project at every stage of its development.
Drupal 8 is changing the way we deliver content to the browser for a particular web page. The new approach is more object oriented and allows developers to decouple functionality, making applications more flexible and maintainable. Here's a brief introduction to Drupal 8's routing system.
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