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Although Appnovation started out as a Drupal development shop, we also support many different languages, technologies, and frameworks. The nature of this industry is always in a state of flux and serving the needs of your clients requires the ability to adapt and implement the most appropriate solutions as needed. Here are some basic aspects of computer programming languages and some related functionality in Drupal.
Smartphones and tablets pave-way to mobile websites. Browsing these websites on a mobile often presents a few challenges for designers and developers. This post highlights some of the best mobile websites that have successfully tackled the challenges of mobile site design and development.
How To: Create a theme with the new TWIG template system, and other theming changes in Drupal 8.
Anyone who uses Features to deploy code to different development environments has probably encountered the issue of the Feature refusing to work once deployed. The following post offers a solution to this issue.
With the emergence of travel websites in recent years, there has been an increase in travel website competition, and also an increase in the need for better website design to attract customers. Although the efficiency and results of these search engines are still the most important, the design employed will help these travel websites gain an edge in the industry.
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