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Another weapon added to my arsenal for conquering Drupal theming: Breakpoint. Responsive development for better management of media queries to increase productivity and decrease hair-pulling moments of frustration.

On the first day, Appnovation assigns each new developer a mentor. The mentor is dedicated to resolve any questions the new co-op student has regarding intermediate and advanced Drupal development.

Struggling through repetitive tasks can not only impact you immediately, but also the level of enthusiasm you have for future work assignments. Rather than continue to toil away, try taking a few minutes to see if there are ways you can create efficiencies; learn when to take shortcuts, use common dev tools, plan ahead and learn from your past mistakes, and don't forget to share the wealth.
There are plenty of blog posts and articles explaining how Activiti works, how to develop workflows, and how it differs from JBPM. This blog post is focused on one of the Activiti features that JBPM does not provide: Activiti's History Service.
This blog Introduces a form control for Alfresco Share to pick the member of a group. The custom form control provides the UI similar to original authority picker and add navigation and searching within the group.
Get to know Brandon Tate, one of our Lead Developers


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