3 Little Known Drupal Modules That Are Really Great

December 31
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There are a seemingly endless number of modules that can be found on Drupal.org. Here are three fantastic gems that are waiting to be discovered:

1. MyTinyTodo

MyTinyTodo is a very simple, easy to use todo list for Drupal (demo) that comes with the following features:

  • Multiple task lists per TODO list
  • Multiple TODO lists per node
  • Task notes
  • Tags (and tag cloud)
  • Due dates (input format: y-m-d, m/d/y, d.m.y, m/d, d.m)
  • Priority (-1, 0, +1, +2)
  • Different sortings including sort by drag-and-drop
  • Search
  • Smart syntax improves creation of tasks (usage: /priority/ Task /tags/)
  • Print-friendly CSS
  • Style for mobiles devices
  • Field permissions integration
  • Views integration

2. Hacked

Hacked allows you to quickly determine which modules, themes, or parts of Drupal have been modified. This comes in handy if you’ve applied any patches to your website and need to make sure that your patches are reapplied after upgrading your modules/themes/Drupal-core. When the diff module is installed, Hacked will display a colour coded, line-by-line difference of all modified files.

3. Honeypot

Honeypot is a fantastically effective anti-spam tool to prevent automated computer robots (spambots) from submitting unwanted spam comments to your website. It works by adding a hidden field that normal users won’t fill-in because it’s hidden, but most spambots will fill-in. You can also set an minimum amount of time that must pass before a comment can be submitted, which traps spambots that try to submit comments as quickly as possible to maximize the amount of spam they can send in a day. The overall effect of using the Honeypot module is radically reduced spam, freeing you from the tedious work of deleting spam comments, as well as being less intrusive than traditional solutions, like CAPTCHA.

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