5 Musician Websites using Drupal

June 24
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Drupal has gotten really popular, mostly because of its easy to use interface and modular design. Creating custom themes are also easy to create with a little Drupal knowledge. If design is not your thing, there are many pre-built themes available for download if you do a quick search.

The popularity of Drupal has also caught the attention of many artistic individuals. In this case, I'm talking about musicians. Even though it may not be the artists themselves that create these sites, the sites were still made to represent the artist. These sites show the flexibility of Drupal development and how it may be tailored to anyone's needs. At first glance, it may not look like a Drupal powered site, but I'm sure many developers will be able see the difference.

Ozzy Osbourne's Offical Site

Led Zeppelin's Offical Site

Pink's Offical Site

Jennifer Lopez's Offical Site

Bob Dylan's Offical Site