Alfresco Enterprise 3.2r New Feature : Alfresco Share Repository Browser

March 24
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Alfresco Share provides a rich web-based collaboration environment for managing documents, wiki content, blogs and more. Especially, Alfresco Share Document Libraries provide users with an aera for storing, managing any content related to a site or project. They have very nice features such as Flash preview, easier access to comments and lot of other usabilities advantages. But the problem is that all repositories in Alfresco are not accessible from Alfresco Share. Only the contents in the "sites" can be accessible from the Alfresco Share. However, from Alfresco Enterprise Edition 3.2r, Alfresco Share has the ability to browse the Alfresco Repository by updating the XML configuration file. The configuration is very easy and quick. How to enable this feature?

1. Go to <alf_home>/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension and change "share-config-custom.xml.sample" to "share-config-custom.xml"

2. Open the "share-config-custom.xml" and search "Repository Library config section" 3. Change the value of to "true".(by default it is switched off). 4. Restart Alfresco and login Alfresco Share. Once you have successfully configured it, then you should be able to see the "Repository" button right next to the "People" button (See the screen-shots below). Now you can access any documents in not only “sites” but also the rest of all spaces from Alfresco Share.