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Culture, Camaraderie, and Colleagues: The Appno Way

By EuniceK
Jan. 30, 2018

It’s true when people say that work culture has such a huge impact on an employee’s experience. 

During my first month at Appnovation I have never felt so welcome to be part of such an amazing team. Most new hires get their first taste of a company’s work environment on their first official day in the office. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the culture and some of the incredible people who work here prior to starting.

I was invited to the company holiday party for the Vancouver office, which took place the Friday before my Monday start date. Naturally, I was nervous that it would be awkward to attend while not knowing anyone and that I would need to find a way to tactfully escape in the early hours of the evening. Looking back on that night these thoughts are almost laughable now.

From the moment I entered the venue the coworkers I spoke with were nothing but friendly and welcoming.

One of Appnovation’s core values is openness and more often then not it is referenced to communication styles and open door policies. However, that evening really showed me how our team demonstrates this value through their kindness and approachable attitudes. After laughing with them about how I was not someone else’s plus one but rather a new employee that would be starting with the company the following week, I found that people really went out of their way to introduce me to other coworkers that I would likely be seeing around the office. I even met a few other newbies that were, like me, starting at the company in the upcoming weeks.

The expectations of my night transformed from the intention of staying a few hours and heading out early to going out for Karaoke with a few new coworkers after the official event came to a close.

I can truly say this was the most unique “onboarding” experience I’ve ever had! It was so great and relieving to start my first day already knowing a few faces. First days can be nerve wracking but it is so much easier when you feel like you already know and are friends with the people you are working with. I can also say that this experience was definitely not a one off occurrence. Openness is embedded into Appnovation’s culture.

Whether it is with lunchtime board games, company badminton teams, yoga or run clubs there are so many opportunities to get to meet the great people here at our office and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.