Drupal + SVN + Update scripts + teamwork = Awesome site

April 8
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Lead Developer

Just on my third week at work and yet I am already neck deep in Drupal development. I work in a project group with 2, sometimes 3 other members and BELIEVE me... svn is keeping us all sane. Granted it takes a little bit of finesse and patience to micro-manage the database scripts to activate a module,set a menu item, or import node types programatically but it ENSURES uniform databases across multiple platforms... this is vital if you have more than one person working on a site, that way I can work locally, write scripts to any changes I make, pass it to the rest of the team, they run it and boom, we're all on the same page. It is poetry in motion if executed correctly...

That being said, the only real problem we have run into is working with the Location module, it allows users to automatically add address fields (street,city,zip, etc.) but we have not been able to find a way to activate the functions or set its fields through a sql script... I guess solving these types of problems is what a developer lives for right? Tortoise for the win ;)