Hyperic Performance Management for Virtualized Java Apps

August 25
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With today's multi-vendor IT environments, administrators need to monitor any bottlenecks which occur when a resource reaches its capacity. Definitely these bottlenecks cause the performance of the entire system to slow down and this kind of bad website performance, of course, impacts business revenues, brand and customer satisfaction. Currently, there are various applications available which allow you to monitor and measure how you application is performing. The Hyperic is one of nice applications that exposes resource utilization data from your application.

[HQ Dashboard]

Hyperic is a Java-based platform for monitoring and managing software resources and Hyperic consists of HQ Server which provides centralized management and persistence and HQ Agent which provides monitoring and control on a per-monitored-platform basis.

[HQ Resources Registered]

[Server Memory Chart]

HQ Server The Hyperic server has a built-in JBoss server and a built-in PostgreSQL as a database or if you want for production deployments, you can use MySQL, Oracle as a database. The HQ Server receives inventory and metric from HQ Agents on each machine you want to manage with Hyperic. The server provides facilities for managing software resources and has a rich, web-based user interface based on AJAX. Also you can set alerts on metrics and configure actions for HQ to perform when an alert fires. When an alert fires, HQ can respond in a variety of ways: it can issue email notifications, perform a control action, or issue a communication to another management system.

[Server Memory Status]

[Server Memory Metric Data]

[Alert Configuration]

HQ Agent The agent is the very small, lightweight kernel and contains a network listener and a command processor and it will automatically monitor network environment reflecting metrics that collects HQ Agents like performance, availability, usage, etc. Also it allows notifying using email and it can define a sequence of steps to ensure that the problems are solved. Alfresco Plugin Hyperic HQ's plugin framework allows a developer to customize, extend and integrate their HQ management solution to provide a perfect fit for their enviornment. And Alfresco has supported a fully supported enterprise-ready systems management solution with Hyperic HQ since 2007. This plugin enables HQ and Alfresco administrators to take full advantage of Hyperic's powerful management capabilities, including auto-discovery, monitoring, complex alerting and remediation.

[Alfresco Services Registered]