The Impact and Benefits of Using SaaS for Data Integration

May 8, 2014
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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software and data model that is hosted and delivered by a service provider or a vender and made available to clients over the internet. The services that are provided by SaaS applications are particularly reliable, highly available and robust. Consequently they allow SaaS to become a trend technology that is drastically wining a promising position in the IT market in contrast with the traditional on-premise alternatives. Thus, SaaS enables organizations to save their IT investment on infrastructure, hardware, networking, software and IT employees.

Today, IT firms that are using SaaS applications have the challenge of connecting these applications with the on-premise ones. As the number of these applications increase, the need of an integration platform is an absolute requirement. MuleSoft provides CloudHub which is the only enterprise-class Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that connects SaaS applications and on-premise applications with the flexibility to deploy integration applications in a hybrid architecture.

CloudHub is powerful and allows SaaS applications to rapidly be connected with each other using a library of pre-packaged connectors with no software or hardware upgrades. Hybrid integrations are another key benefit as existing legacy applications may still be required to continue offering business services and as such integrated easily.

All popular SaaS applications can be leveraged and integrated using pre-built cloud connectors. In the case one is not available, MuleSoft development provides supporting tools such as DevKit to develop custom connectors that suit your requirements. All the aforementioned key benefits have been achieved through the unique concept of MuleSoft - connecting applications in a simplified manner, helping organizations to harness the power of their applications through integrations.

The impact of the SaaS is significantly large for data integration with the most widely used integration platform provided by MuleSoft. Firms will be able to combine and converge data, applications services, partner information into a single aggregated high performing component through effective integration and thus, eliminating the cost of point-to-point integrations.