Timesheet Troubles: 4 Ways to Improve the Process




January 16
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4 Ways to Improve the Timesheet Process

Timesheets are an imperative part of many companies as they account for the revenue that is generated, and ensure that clients are getting paid for the correct amount of hours worked. For many of our clients, for example, Atlassian Jira offers an extensive time tracking option, includingTime Sheet and Pivot reports and gadgets, Worked Time Chart gadget, Email and REST endpoint. 

Without a solid system in place to log hours, the revenue recognition process would fall apart. There is one drawback however: people don't like logging their time, and hours a week can be spent chasing down timesheets and making sure the process gets completed. It's crazy to think that if everyone took 2 minutes every monday morning, they would save one person a day or more worth of work, but that's just the way she goes. As a result, here are a few tips on how to make it easy and get people to submit those timesheets. 

Send Memes

If you work for a large company, chances are there are a lot of people you need to contact, including people you can't find in person. You have to message them, and heaven knows how easy it is to ignore a message. At this point, it's like trying to a job interview; you have to get their attention in some way that will actually entertain them. If you don't you'll get rejected. Memes aren't the only way to do this, but let me tell you they're incredibly effective. Sprinkle in some Pinhead Larry Gifs on top of that and you have yourself a recipe for success.

At the very least, the people you are reaching out to will open your Slack (or other messaging app) conversation up.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 1.46.10 PM.png


Build Trust and Rapport

This is a continuation to the meme tip. Once you have their attention, and in turn a reponse, you've already started building some trust with the person. That's the beauty in humour. Now, make sure to only answer in friendly ways and offer any help you can. Rememer to make sure they know you understand that they're busy. Re-read that sentence if you need to.

It's important that you acknowledge the fact that their time is valuable because really, it is. That's why you need their timesheet, to collect the revenu that THEY just generated for the company. Approaching it like this will make them like you more (at least I think that's what's been happening), creating a more successful response rate in the future.

Connect The Dots

Even with big companies, there are always people you can reach who will know something about what you are looking for. Here's the thing, in a company with hundreds of employees scattered across multiple offices, you can't hunt everyone down face to face. What CAN be done however is talking to somebody who manages them and has enough knowledge to confirm those hours were worked. This allows you to complete their timesheet for them, so it's no longer a waiting game.


Even if there's a deadline, there's no point stressing to get all the hours in. Send the messages you need to send, do other tasks between those messages, and then just let it run it's course. You can't control people's actions so don't try to. It can be frustrating, but how is stressing going to make anything better?

That's basically it for timesheets; the rest is just luck of the draw whether or not people choose to complete them. Hopefully for you they do and your days are filled with serendipitous bliss.