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Top 3 Highlights from Magento Imagine 2017

By timl
Apr. 12, 2017

The bittersweet moment when the end of Imagine arrives… Having spent the last few intense days at various sessions, wandering the marketplace and running point on networking sessions. It’s exhausting, but one always walks away with an amazing amount of great knowledge and a yearning for connecting with everyone again, next year.

Three highlights from Imagine 2017

  • B2B
  • Cloud
  • Community


A multi-trillion dollar market that is expected to grow to the point where the digital portion of B2B will exceed the complete B2C market—that’s in the realm of $6+ Trillion in the next few years Magento has taken this trend seriously and has fully committed to building out an amazing B2B set of modules for M2-- this is slated to be released along with v2.2 in 3Q17. It will be offered for free with EE and ECE. With Beta access to the codebase, Appnovation will be fully ready for Magento’s B2B release. Until then, count on our experience and capabilities in our already mature B2B offerings around Magento.


Cloud is now fully embraced by Magento—with the feature list growing and process in cycles of continual improvement, there is no doubt we’ll be seeing more in this space. As point of proof, client adoption of Enterprise Cloud Edition (ECE) has seen a nice uptick in the last months. There was even talk of a future with some sort of Cloud offering around Community Edition (CE).

However, the real tell-tale was in the lack of hosting providers at Imagine this year.


The word “Community” was verbalized many, many times through-out this year’s Imagine. It continues to be very important for Magento—Community is in their ethos. The openness of Magento is a primary reason for its success over the years—the ability to build extensions or themes. This also allows System Integrators like Appnovation to extend or customize even further to ensure our clients’ business needs are fully met.

The Magento Marketplace, at last count, has well over 1000 high quality M2 extensions built by the community. Some are free and some are of a nominal cost to download.

We also saw awards, called the Magento Masters, given to individuals that had momentous impact on the community, yet another indicator of Community importance.

Lastly, the Community is world-wide, giving Magento a real advantage across the globe in terms of language and local offerings.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2018!