Top 5 Drupal out-of-the-box themes to use for websites

March 13, 2013
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Whether you're a first time user, or a seasoned Drupal veteran looking to start a fresh project, it can be hard to find a great out-of-the-box theme. You want a theme that is highly customizable, but that also looks great with minimal effort on the front-end. In this blog post we will look at our top 5 out-of-the-box Drupal themes to get you started.

1. Corporate Clean 

A great looking theme that even comes with a PSD template. Corporate Clean comes with many features such as a responsive grid, Superfish Navigation/Menus, a jQuery slider with some great documentation, and 12 regions that allow you to customize to your hearts content!


2. Pixture Reloaded 

Giving you a solid and practical theme solution, Pixture Reloaded has some great functionality including 18 pre-built colour schemes, Superfish, Noggin (for custom headers), Google Fonts for easy font selection, and 18 regions. What’s particularly good about this theme is that it has the AdaptiveTheme Base built right in which allow you to theme for mobile device support.

3. Acquia Marina

This theme may be an old one, but it's built by our friends from Acquia, and if you're looking for quick and out of the box functionality it certainly won't let you down. Powered by Fusion, Acquia Marina gives you point-and-click layout and typography settings and even right to left theming options. The mantra behind this theme is for an experience that is as easy as possible for beginners and masters alike.

4. Skeleton 

If you're going for that minimalistic look with your theme, then look no longer - Skeleton is your man. A naturally responsive theme that comes with other features too such as the Color Module, Superfish (of course), 10 regions, and some extensive CSS styling. Skeleton is a great lightweight option for getting your site up and running in no time.


5. Commerce Kickstart 

If you're looking for a solid out-of-the-box theme for your next ecommerce project, give Commerce Kickstart a shot. With a strong foundation of Drupal Commerce running in the background, it gives you a ton of options in order to get your store up and running in record time. It features smart and elegant themes with a great interface which makes it friendly for any up and coming webmaster.

I hope this list was a good resource for your next project, good luck out there and be sure to share any great out-of-the-box themes you come across in the comments below!