Top 8 resources for HTML5 developers

October 25, 2012
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Solutions Architect

HTML5 development is one of the hottest areas of development today. Everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon so that they are not left behind and rightly so. What are some of the resources that would help you get a good grasp of HTML5 and assist you in jump starting your development? The following are some resources that I have found very useful.

  1. This W3C guide provides exhaustive and in-depth information about each tag. This is an editor's draft of the HTML5 Reference  produced by the working group. Definitely worth a gander.
  2. Examples are the best way to start learning anything new. W3Schools  has lot of examples of all the new things introduced in HTML5 and more. Their code snippets are the perfect place to start.
  3. Since HTML5 is still in draft, not all browsers support every new feature of HTML5. The following are some sites that present a matrix of which features are supported in which browsers.
  1. This book, Dive into HTML5, by Mark Pilgrim  and with some contributions from the community is also a good resource. Here they have handpicked some features and explained them in great detail.
  2. Let’s say you have gone through the code examples on the W3Schools page and you are itching to start your own development but you need a quick glance reference once in a while. This cheat-sheet  from  comes to your rescue.
  3. When you are developing on some new technology or a tool it is always recommended to know the best practices that you need to follow. Vail Joy  at  has come up with some of the HTML5 best practices  for designers.
  4. html5rocks  is another great resource. Here they have tutorials and help based on what kind of HTML5 developer you are i.e. Mobile, Gaming and Business, or help based on which feature group of HTML5 you are targeting plus lots more.
  5. Finally, some demos and examples. A good place to start would be html5demos. Remy Sharp has provided a good set of examples. You can also fork his repo on github.

There are a lot of resources on HTML5 out there. I have just tried to select varied resources like a book, a cheat sheet, a reference guide from the HTML5 working group and the browser support matrix. Feel free to point to any other resources that you have found very useful in the comments below.