Why music recording companies love Drupal & its implications

May 16
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Over the past year or so, we have been working with a few recording companies, some massive ones and some smaller ones. From working with these companies, we learn that most of them love Drupal because:

1) Drupal supports multi-site: A lot of these recording companies have a large number of artist web sites. In Fact, a bulk of the web development work for these companies tend to involve artist web sites rather than their main portal web site. The Drupal multi-site infrastructure allows for single-sign-on across the various web sites and also allows for the sharing of some modules. All of this represents a lower development and maintenance cost.

2) Drupal is great for social networking features: Over the past 2-3 years, most recording companies have been putting more emphasis on the web promotions aspect of their marketing plan. A big part of this emphasis involves creating an online environment that promotes fans interaction through commenting and discussion forums.

3) Drupal has a flexible theme layer: with a separation of the theme layer and the functionality/module layer, the web site layout and design can be easily changed. This is critical for a lot of the media/recording companies because frequent changes to the design is not uncommon.

Seeing Drupal's success in the music industry makes me naturally believe that Drupal website development should also be popular in the following industries, but the reality is that this is not the case.

1) The Finance Industry: most brokerage firms have personal web sites for each broker. This is the perfect place for a Drupal multi-site. However, most of these brokerage houses that I have spoken to end up using some custom .NET built solution with less than half the feature available with a Drupal solution.

2) The Real Estate Industry: this is true for both realties and developers. Realties usually have individual web sites for the realtors. I know that some realties do use Drupal, but most have some custom solutions that are built in house. For builders, they usually have 1 web site per project. I have seen some Drupal solutions created for builders, but there are not that many. I think that the cause of this may be due to that these organizations are too conservative to go with open source solutions. However, I also think that we if have a more Drupal distributions with some that target towards these industry verticals, it will help to get them to use Drupal.