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Case Studies are accessible at your convenience. To download our PREMIUM Case Study, simply fill out our form and enjoy. Our profesional services team cover all aspects of the project from the technologies used, to project phases. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything, or if you just want to pat us on the back!

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O2E Brands (Ordinary to Exceptional) is based in Vancouver, BC, and includes three uniquely branded companies:–1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and You Move Me.O2E Brands’ objective was to create a single platform that would enable them to serve the unique needs of each brands’ websites, while improving management and productivity. Appnvoation set about doing this, with innovative, as well as trusted techniques, and the expertise for which they are renowned. 
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Featured Case Study

Teach For All is a global network of independent social enterprises, who are working to expand educational opportunities in their nations, by endeavouring to enlist their most promising, potential future leaders. To organize staff and facilitate collaboration, conference information and announcements, they were originally using a Google group site, but found this was not affording them as much flexibility as they required. Appnovation were tasked with delivering that, and set about doing so with innovative ideas, and carefully planned project deliverables.
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In 2012, Kobo Inc. partnered with Appnovation to develop and launch their Instant Reader cloud applications and Windows 8 Metro. Kobo’s ulitmate goal was to create applications with the ability to reach the multi-platform global market, while simaltaneously improving the functionality of their (already highly successful) iOS app.Both applications were developed using HTML 5 and the SproutCore framework, as they best suited the business needs, as well as being able to handle the large content load of the applications, while remaining reliably robust and easily scalable.
TUI Marine is a collection of companies that comprise TUI Travel Group. Appnovation was asked to implement TUI Marine's Integration Application Program Interface (API) Initiative in order to efficiently link TUI's repository of rich media content with connected websites and third party affiliates. Appnovation consulted and updated TUI's architecture and analyzed use cases to properly deliver an innovative open source solution.
SHOE X is a Drupal based e-commerce marketplace merging avid shoe collectors, with keen sellers of rare, hard to find sneakers and other urban apparel. Users can sign up for a free account and create customizable storefronts to promote their products. Download the case study to learn how we modified standard Drupal modules to accomodate multiple vendor checkouts.
Mercy Health (Mercy) supports several hospitals and clinics across many different geographical locations. Each geographical location has historically had its own dedicated intranet site. These sites were on different technologies and had a separate support structure. It was determined that a single unified co-worker portal was needed to support a vision of One Mercy and that began the start of Baggot Street as that portal.
In late 2011 Appnovation Technologies was chosen by PEER 1 Hosting to create websites for their UK, US and Canadian businesses. PEER 1 Hosting wanted to rebuild all its major web properties to create a long-term, scalable website platform. The project was built and executed using Drupal, and also involved migrating information from PEER 1ʼHostings existing sites. Appnovation set about delivering what Peer 1 Hosting required.
In 2009 Appnovation Technologies was chosen by Nerve Media to perform a content migration for several sites including Wordpress, Drupal and two different custom content management systems into one Drupal instance.
In 2009, Appnovation was asked to design and develop a Drupal based community and e-commerce website called Cargoh. The driving idea behind the site was to create a “social marketplace” for independent artists from all over the world, to allow them to showcase and sell their products and services. It features community tools such as forums, an internal messaging system, and events section.
In 2011 Appnovation Technologies was chosen by Goldseek to redesign, architect and migrate and into a single Drupal instance.
In 2012 Elle Décor chose Appnovation Technologies to develop the application for their extremely popular “lookbook” resource. Elle Décor’s Lookbook allows users to browse hundreds of images from their archives organized by room and style as well as access editor curated lookbooks and a selection of best advice from
In August 2010 Appnovation Technologies was chosen by Rainforest Alliance to re-create their website in the Drupal platform CMS while keeping all existing content. Appnovation was chosen to develop the new site due to their successful development experience with other large NGOs like the World Wildlife Fund.
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