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corporate citizenship

About the initiative

Citizenship to Appnovation is about a commitment to being an active community member, fulfilling our duties, obligations, and desires to act as a positive force for social good. For Appnovation this means a sense of responsibility to our local communities, and to the world as a whole.

Appnovation Technologies is seeking partnerships with civil society, the private sector, and institutions interested in creating sustainable development and change through technology. By virtue of its ubiquitous nature, our technical expertise is not limited by domain, but spans across education, healthcare, governance, and more.

As an active corporate citizen, Appnovation is committed to implementing projects through two methods. First, we donate developer’s hours to non-profit partners each week to work on a variety of on-going projects; second, we are capable to assist our partners with seeking funds for larger scale deployments.


Appnovation uses Open Technologies to educate, empower, and engage developing communities to create sustainable economic and social change.

Why Open Tech for International Development?


Users do not have to pay the licensing and copyright fees that proprietary software charges; source codes are given directly to users.


Through partnerships with reliable hosts, open technologies store data and information on secure platforms such as Amazon, AWS, and the Google Cloud Platform.


The Open Technology community is made of professional services firms and independent contractors that are available to assist in maintenance and support of custom software. This collaborative community fosters a greater sense of creativity and cooperation.

Guiding Principles

Everyone has the right to access and use open technologies to create equal, diverse, and economically empowered communities.

Open technologies offer an inexpensive, supportive, and cooperative approach to technology-for-development projects.

Technology is being used to further global development agendas and is the answer to shrinking the existing ‘digital divide’.

What we’re Working On

Appnovation is working in partnership with PeaceGeeks, a grassroots organization that provides technology, training, and other tools to help organizations in developing and conflict-affected areas manage their resources to become more efficient in achieving their development goals.

Currently, Appnovation is assisting in the design and theming of the PeaceGeeks’ Amani Project: a website deployment platform for NGOs to easily create and manage content in an effort to promote peace and human rights.

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