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Would you like to learn more? Appnovation’s eBooks have been compiled by our experts and cover a variety of recent and relevant concepts so that those who are interested can gain both a general overview and a deeper knowledge about such subjects as redesigning your website, considering using HTML5 for a project, a user’s experience and much much more. Each eBook presents the topic using an array of content, graphs, charts, tables, illustrations and/or images to support the overall concept and highlight important points. All of the content created in our eBooks is done so by knowledgeable experts with assistance from our creative department for graphics and imagery. Appnovation’s eBooks are always free to download and are intended to provide readers with the opportunity to learn more about the covered topic.

Featured E-Book

Drupal 8 was released in November of 2015So in this eBook, we'll share as much information as possible, whether you are ready for Drupal 8 now or considering it in the coming weeks or months.Topics covered in this eBook include:

Featured E-Book

We are going to focus on strategies for designing websites for mobile screens. Why is that? Because if you are designing an iOS app for the iP- hone 5, for example, you already know exactly what your screen resolution is. And as far as UX goes, Apple already publishes a very comprehensive iOS Human Interface Guidelines document, available for free on the web: Just Google “iOS usability”.


Today, an organization’s website is paramount to how that entity is perceived online and with the proliferation of mobile devices having full web browsers, it can be viewed no matter where a person is at any time they wish.
Back in 2010, Steve Jobs said, when commenting on Macs crashing due to Flash, “The world is moving to HTML5”. And if it wasn’t before, it certainly is now. HTML5 provides a plethora of benefits for both the web and mobile universe.
Providing a positive user experience for visitors to your website should be the goal of every site that is online.
The mobile market is soaring in popularity and more websites are being viewed on handheld devices. By developing your standard Drupal website into a rich internet App with HTML5, you can get your piece of the pie.
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