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Open Solutions for the Enterprise

Open Solutions for the Enterprise

What started as an idea to create a framework to integrate a web content management platform (Drupal) with an enterprise content management application (Alfresco) quickly became much more than just getting two technologies to work together. To foster true alignment between these software products we found that bringing together the companies behind those products, Acquia and Alfresco, was critical to its success. This became osCaddie (formerly Canopy), our “Open Solutions for the Enterprise Initiative,” and is now extending beyond the Acquia and Alfresco success to include Mulesoft and HTML5.

We’ve now termed the service offerings under this initiative, which are based on implementation and integration of open technologies, osCaddie. The overarching effort by Appnovation and its key partners (Acquia, Alfresco, MuleSoft & Google) to further open technology adoption, implementation and integration within the enterprise resides under osCaddie, our Open Solutions for the Enterprise Initiative.  

Key Pillars  

Appnovation’s “Open Solutions for the Enterprise Initiative” is based on four key pillars. First and foremost, it involves the identification and selection of the best of breed, proven and widely used open technologies that are available for enterprise-level entities to adopt, implement and integrate into their current IT architecture. Secondly, The Open Solutions for the Enterprise Initiative involves the support of the commercial entities behind those technologies to not only align with the needs of customers, but also with one another, to further the movement to open technologies. Next, the Initiative places a high value, as do most open technologies, on having community involvement to facilitate the sharing of best practices, code and experiences which is accomplished through regular community councils and an ever growing community site. Lastly, the Initiative requires expertise to execute and implement a company's open technology strategy, architecture and infrastructure, which Appnovation has now packaged into a solution for enterprise level customers to purchase called osCaddie.       


Open Solutions Caddie (osCaddie) is THE GO TO Servicefor enterprise customers looking to move to an open technologies IT stack. While currently there is no single open technology solution to truly satisfy a full and reliable Enterprise technology stack, osCaddie is meant to be the bridge to get companies closer to that goal by integrating open technologies while also allowing for integration with commercial, proprietary and legacy systems. In addition to implementation and integration by Appnovation’s open technology experts, osCaddie comes with dedicated expert time which includes quarterly architecture reviews and custom integration support along with access to the osCaddie knowledge base and forums.

Enterprise clients who are looking to adopt, implement and integrate open technologies into their IT environment can view a full list of packages, along with pricing, to see what would work best for an entities particular needs. We also encourage potential customers to contact Appnovation either via email or form to set up a time to speak with an OSCaddie Solutions Expert to further discuss the open technologies being considered, best options for implementation and/or integrations currently needed or wanted.

Subscription Pricing Options



  • Ask About Implementation

    Would you like to learn more about osCaddie, what it can do for your organization and/or how much it would cost? Our osCaddie experts are available to answer any question you may have about enabling open source in your environment.

  • Download the Module

    The module for the Drupal Alfresco integration development version can be downloaded in our Resources section under Code Snippets. Get started with the integration of two base components that osCaddie was founded on. If you have Drupal & Alfresco, why not get them working together.

  • Experts at Integrations

    As osCaddie has grown to include more technologies, Appnovation’s skill and experience at providing custom integrations has as well. Not only can we get the open technology components working together, but we can also get them working seamlessly with other parts of your technology stack.

  • Transparent, Collaborative & Communicative

    We give you complete visibility from day one of your osCaddie project and, we work with you to shape the right engagement model, delivery method and custom solution to meet your unique needs. Our communication lines are always open throughout your engagement via email, phone, chat, Skype, and Google Hangout.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We take customer satisfaction seriously, providing you a dedicated account manager and project manager to make sure all aspects of your engagement with us run smoothly. We ask you to tell us how we did at the end of your project, and the results go directly to our CEO.

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Brands That Trust Us & Why Customers Choose Appnovation’s osCaddie

  • Agile development and implementation methodology for osCaddie projects
  • Collaborative, transparent and communicative approach with clients
  • Cost effective, rapid development, implementation and integration
  • Competitive rates for systems integrators, developers & architects
  • Experts at integrating open source, commercial & proprietary systems
  • In-house, front-end experts: Business Analysts, UX/UI Specialists & Designers
  • Multi-disciplinary team of 150+ experts based in US, Canada & the UK
  • Partner Supported, Acquia, Alfresco MuleSoft & Google all on board
  • Proven track record of successful implementation
  • Rigorous quality assurance testing before “Go-Live”

Appnovation's osCaddie service is proven and ready to be implemented in your environment. Through osCaddie, Appnovation makes it easy for enterprise level entities to adopt open technologies into their IT environments. Appnovation's osCaddie services offering ensures flexibility, scalablity, integratability and most importantaly, security of your open technology assets. We can also help with migrations, upgrades and integration within your current technology stack. Take the first step getting osCaddie and contact us today.

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