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Business Challenge

Over one million customers in Hong Kong and Macau, from individuals to established businesses, count on AXA Hong Kong to financially protect them, their loved ones and their future. AXA is a global company in the insurance, investment and financial services industry with offices around the globe. AXA’s service offering include a wide range of life, health, property and casualty protection, along with wealth management and retirement solutions. 

This global company needed a serious systems upgrade: their ability to rapidly improve their platforms and implement desired changes was being hampered by the fact that they have many disconnected systems. 

Our Approach

AXA Asia used Jira and Confluence as a regional tool, but the systems weren’t talking to each other. Add to this the inflexibility of one of their Atlassian Cloud platforms, and the need for change became clear. Appnovation’s team delivered a dynamic platform, able to be improved to meet evolving needs.

Appnovation designed and implement a single Jira and Confluence solution, one that would simplify communication between the various AXA regional companies (entities) and programs. Appnovation also redesigned all of the user groups and management for projects and spaces, which further streamlined processes for AXA.

Based on the Jira platform, Appnovation designed and developed a Demand Management System that is now being used by several entities. Before this system, information was managed through spreadsheets. 

Customer Outcome

With an upgraded and integrated IT ecosystem, AXA’s multiple regions were streamlined and communications were simplified between the various AXA regional companies and programs. The new system significantly reduced the time and manual efforts in tracking demands and the approval process.


Platforms- unified and combined into one.

AXA Asia