About Aliyun

Established in 2009, Aliyun is the cloud computing subsidiary of Alibaba Group. As the largest cloud computing company in China, Aliyun develops highly scalable platforms for cloud computing and data management.

How We Work Together

Appnovation is an Aliyun Partner and provides system integration and implementation for customers wishing to expand their reach into the China market utilizing Aliyun's cloud platform. Appnovation also provides deployment, consulting, and delivery services around creating and optimizing web presence and online marketing efforts utilizing the Aliyun Cloud in China.

Appnovation can also help overcome the common challenges, including the Great Firewall and slow access,  faced by foreign organizations (companies based in North America, Europe, etc) when trying to enter the Chinese market. 

Products We Resell
Elastic Computing
A simple and efficient computing service with scalable processing capacity to help you quickly build a more stable and secure application.
The 4 different types of database services include Relational Database Service (RDS), NoSQL database, online caching service, and Key-Value storage service.
Storage and CDN
Provides a massive and secure cloud storage as well as a CDN to distribute your content.
Large Scale Computing
Offers an Open Data Process Service (ODPS) for offline mass data operation, and an analytical database service.
Security and Management
Services include a high-security IP, DDoS protection, and an open monitoring platform to monitor your sites and service in real time.
Application Service
Consists of Aliyun Cloud Engine, an elastic and distributed application managed environment, and Simple Log Service (SLS), a service for log gathering, storing, query, and analysis.
Get In Touch With Us About This Partnership!
We work closely with our partners on various engagements in order to provide the best support for our clients. If you want to know about our relationship, products and/or services we resell, or have any questions regarding what we can do for you, don't hesitate to contact us today!