California Certified Farmers Markets

Customized Magento Online Marketplace Development

Customized Online Marketplace Development

As founder of CCFM, and working in conjunction with the Non-Profit Organization, Raw Inspiration, Jennifer McColm has built many lasting and strong relationships with community members and organizations at the various locations of her Farmers' Markets. The mission was, and remains, to make shopping small and local more accessible. Many people who would otherwise chose to shop local, cannot make it to their local weekly,farmers markets, which is where CCFM online comes in.

The desire was to create a well oiled community of farmers, vendors, small business owners and our beloved clients and guests, making it an online eCommerce destination for the community, just like the physical markets. In and around Los Angeles it is estimated that nearly 2,000,000 visitors enjoy our farmer's markets every year, and that number continues to increase with every new market opening.

CCFM came to Appnovation partners, Accelerate, after almost a year of a very frustrating experience and a large investment for a website that just wasn’t ready to launch. Accelerate created a new logo for CCFM and an online marketplace for vendors to sell online in just a few months. Accelerate also is creating in-market marketing to drive more foot traffic to the digital marketplace, and more digital visitors to markets. 

The Farmers Market online shopping experience has become an amazing way to shop locally, at the click of a button, connecting vendors with online customers, and creating a digital transformation and experience to rival being right there at the farmer's market. 

Local produce, globally accessible, bringing the farmers market to you. 

Accelerate, Appnvation, Magento development, eCommerce experience, eCommerce experts
Accelerate, Appnvation, Magento development, eCommerce experience, eCommerce experts
Project Highlights
  • All New Branding
  • Delivered New Design and Features
  • Expert eCommerce Development
  • Delivered New Digital Strategy
  • Completed Full Site Integration
  • Developed Customized Features (to improve online sales)
  • Magento
Launch Site