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Appnovation Technology Enabled Service Package

Transparency and Collaboration with GitHub

Software development is an essential activity of your business, particularly for product development & updates. With the rising need for a robust source control for software development, adopting GitHub Enterprise can help you achieve a more collaborative, agile, and distributed system.

This Package is intended to address the following challenges: 

  • Replacing your old legacy source control system with a robust repository for complete project control
  • Adopting GitHub's feature set to optimize current development workflows
  • Defining and tailoring source control governance policies for current & emerging development teams
  • Enabling social coding within your organization

Benefits of Package

This package is designed to help your organization implement a source control system such as Github Enterprise by:

  • Easing your deployment process with a GitHub Enterprise Deployment Strategy
  • Learning to successfully adopt GitHub Enterprise at the team, department and/or organizational level
  • Enhancing team collabration by understanding how to enable social coding in your enterprise

Package Deliverables

Here is what the package entails:

  • A Technical Playbook to aid in adopting GitHub best practices and social coding 
  • An interactive Adoption Workshop to ensure we understand your business and developer needs
  • A Deployment / Migration Strategy to help chart your GitHub roadmap
  • A valid license quote for new users 

Engagement, Roles, & Responsibilities

The Appnovation team for the engagement will be comprised of the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • Workshop Faciliator
  • Appnovation GitHub Expert
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • DevOps (Infrastructure / Implementation)

There will be a 1 day on­site visit to the client’s office in Week 1; with the expectation that subsequent sessions with client stakeholders may be done remotely via video conferencing (i.e. BlueJeans, Skype, etc.)


  1. The Pre­-Discovery Questionnaire must be completed prior to the 1 day onsite in Week 1
  2. Client stakeholders are available for consultation and feedback during Weeks 1 and 2 of the engagement.
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Package Engagement Timeline
Week 0
  • A customized Pre-Discovery Questionnaire is sent to the main client point of contact 1 week before the start of the 1 day on-site visit.
  • Customize Agenda. Send out a few days prior to the 2 day discovery
  • Pre-Discovery Questionnaire
  • Workshop Agenda
  • Completed Questionnaire that identifies stakeholders who will need attend the 1 day on-site visit
  • Identify pain points, current source control system setup and organizational factors that may influence or hinder GitHub Enterprise adoption
Who Participates
  • Client stakeholders
Week 1

1 day on-site visit, covering:

  • Kickoff
  • Workshop
  • Determine roadmap /migration path from current sounrce control system to GitHub Enterprise
  • GitHub Technical Playbook creation
  • GitHub licensing overview
  • Kickoff presentation
  • Workshop, workshop notes
  • Price quote for licensing
  • Engagement formally kicked off with client stakeholders
  • Using the Questionnaire results as a starting point the Workshop is held with client stakeholders to flesh out requirements
  • Creation of GitHub Technical Playbook begins and roadmap / migration path to GitHub Enterprise is added to the Playbook
  • Quote is produced to help client understand current cost and forecast future costs for budget allocation purposes
Who Participates
  • Client stakeholders
  • Appnovation team
Week 2
  • Migration Estimate
  • Effort and Schedule
  • Completion of GitHub Technical Playbook 
  • Preperation of Playbook presentation and customization of training walkthrough seesion and social coding agendas
  • Migration estimate
  • Schedule
  • GitHub Technical Playbook
  • Training walkthrough and social coding session agendas
  • GitHub Technical Playbook is completed
  • Agendas are sent ahead of time prior to the training walkthrough session and social coding session
Who Participates
  • Appnovation team
Week 3
  • GitHub Technical Playbook presentation and training walkthrough session (Half day session)
  • Social Coding session (half day session)
  • Playbook feedback updates
  • Training walkthrough session
  • Session recording
  • Social coding session
  • Finalized GitHub Technical Playbook
  • Playbook is presented in a trainer style session. Session will be recorded.
  • Client stakeholders learn how to work collaboratively through social coding with GitHub
  • Playbook is updated per feedback from Playbook presentation session
Who Participates
  • Client Stakeholders
  • Appnovation Team

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