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In the last few years the industry has identified the demand in development and operation automation which led to a growing number of framework and libraries. Recently, I received a requirement to build a REST API for backend database table- CRUD operations, keeping in view scalable feature - with minimal code changes and simply pointing the configuration to any backend db source in order to publish the API for outside world.
Have you ever needed to refresh only part of a page on a specific event, such as a button click? The best way to do this is using Ajax.

Unlike many of my coworkers at Appnovation, I never took a minute of Computer Science at school. Fine Arts sounded like a good idea at the time (yes, you were right Mom).

In order to deliver projects across the myriad of our offerings, we’ve developed some excellent internal processes and today I will explore some common insights we use to tighten up the Project Management delivery process in general.

Every once in a while, as a Drupal website developer you will come across this problem.

I recently worked with a client on a Mule ESB project that had a requirement to catch unexpected errors and send a formatted email with the error details.


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