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Meet our latest group of co-op students

In this post, I will illustrate a case to integrate Salesforce with SAP, Activiti BPM, a business process management platform, as well as Twitter.

When I joined Appnovation a few months back, I was tasked with setting up my new shiny laptop with all the software needed to have myself up and running and be ready to tackle client work: multiple versions of PHP, a web server (for most Apache,

Alfresco is a powerful ECM system that provides different ways to be integratd with third party applications. These are some of the APIs available for remote access:

Over the last eight months, I have been a developer at Appnovation.  During my time here, I have learned plenty new things and worked on a lot of different projects.

Here are the three Drupal modules that I think everyone should give it a try!


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