3 Keys to integrating Drupal & Alfresco AND our expertise

September 19
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Senior Business Analyst

As one of the major Open Source IT Service Providers, there are many occasions when our clients come to us with a combination of content management and document management requirements. Since the conception of the osCaddie, the first question we ask ourselves in these situations is whether a Drupal-Alfresco integrated solution would be an appropriate recommendation. Drupal development and Alfresco development each have several advantages that make them an ideal candidate for Web Content Management and Document Management respectively. Drupal, for example, is highly scalable and expandable, has lightweight webserver footprint, is extremely secure, and easy to use for non-technical users. Likewise, Alfresco is highly scalable and expandable, and comes with many great out of the box features including versioning, record management, document transformation, workflow support, and powerful search. Considering these capabilities, an integrated Drupal-Alfresco solution can potentially provide clients with the best of both worlds:

* Drupal as the frontend provides Alfresco with a flexible presentation layer to build rich websites

* Alfresco compliments Drupal by providing a feature rich UI for managing web assets

* A lot of options are provided for scaling the application (low end content requirements coupled with large volume website requirements)

Here are a few examples of previous client use cases where we proposed a osCaddie solution:

* Large company Intranets/Extranets (Drupal) that needed web and enterprise content management and a core document repository (Alfresco)

* Large association or education multisites (Drupal) that need web and enterprise content management and a core repository for all site content and documents (Alfresco)

* Websites and platforms within large organizations (Drupal) with complex publishing controls and workflows, content retention management, records management, and metadata management (Alfresco)

Why Are We the Experts?

In 2009 Appnovation founded osCaddie in response to customers’ growing need for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system of record that integrated with Drupal. Realizing the massive demand for open source integration, Appnovation worked with Acquia and Alfresco to develop a set of tools for its customers that would allow for rapid development of Drupal / Alfresco integrated solutions. These tools were branded as osCaddie.

Under the 7 pillars of osCaddie, we are able to offer our clients consultation on various topics, including:

* Partner Alignment Activities

* Partner Enablement Activities

* Reference Architectures

* Best Practices for Integration

* An Open Sourced Code Base

* Customer Councils

* Customer Case Studies

So next time you were in need of storing content with editorial process and workflow approvals, and also needed a highly-scalable and easy-to-use web development and authoring tool, make sure to ask us about osCaddie!