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3 Tips to Maximize Brand Engagement with Acquia Solutions

By fyu
Jun. 9, 2014

The number of brands keeps increasing every year, so each brand has a need to distinguish from others in this competitive market. Today, with the fast evolution of the Internet, the best way of improve brand engagement is through online media. The following key elements are to be taken into account when developing a digital brand engagement strategy:

- Who are the consumers?

- Where are they located?

- What influences do they have on the brand?

- How do they interact with the brand?

Content can now be accessed everywhere: on the web, on a mobile device, or through social channels. By considering the questions above, the winning online brand engagement would be the result of combining the right content with the right people at right location. Content marketing is the source of customer engagement; customers must be able to find information they are looking for and also have the possibility to interact with the brand.

Acquia provides Media and Entertainment solutions that help online brands to reach their goals. Here are 3 tips to maximize online brand engagement using Acquia solutions in the Media and Entertainment industry:

1. Digital Experiences

The use of Drupal development in combination with Acquia Cloud can help firms in building highly effective digital brands. It can easily increase the presence of the brand on the web, mobile, and social channels. Users can now be connected to the right content with minimal effort. Drupal promotes content-rich digital experiences through multiple channels faster than any other platforms.

2. Up-to-Date Content

Drupal delivers high-quality content which is accessible across numerous online channels. Brands' consumers can engage through direct connections in online communities, social sites, comment boards, and more. Content authors can easily update existing content within Drupal, so consumers can quickly have access to the most up-to-date information about the brand.

3. Digital Revenue Streams

Firms can increase their customer engagement and profits through the development of digital revenue streams, for instance: limited time trial; services that require subscription; and, premium users accessible content. With the help of Drupal, other new digital revenue streams like the previously enumerated ones can be created.

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