5 Cool Drupal Websites

January 26
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Front End Developer

It’s hard enough trying to find cool websites in general, let alone cool websites made using Drupal development. I’ve managed to find 5 that I’d like to highlight below:
Anthelios by Laroche-Posay
http://anthelios.laroche-posay.ca/en (Site has been removed :-(  )
A standalone product page disguised as an educational site about UV protection by Laroche-Posay. It’s great seeing widely different uses for Drupal. This being mostly a single page design using a lot of creative overlays and animations as you scroll (and be prepared to scroll a lot to get through all of it). Art style is cartoony, yet inviting and goes very well with the content. 
I’ve always been a sucker for clean,minimalistic site design. LiveAreaLabs, a design firm based out of New York / Seattle, has made just that. Clean lines, liberal use of white space, smooth page and section transitions, and one of the more unique “hamburger-style” menu’s I’ve seen used on a responsive website. Everything about this site is just cool, even down to the way the logo adapts in color as you scroll across different background colors.
Yet another clean minimal site design by some creative folks in Poland. Their portfolio layout is great, they let their large visuals do all the communicating with just a list of services provided for each project. I find this a lot more powerful than using a bunch of words and paragraphs. They’ve also got a cool animated dot loading gif for page transitions. One minor gripe: wish the gif looped more seamlessly. 
Tyler School of Art
Here’s a website that has a lot of content but formats it well with interesting shapes, colors and textures. The site is fully responsive and carries its design language well across all resolutions. I had no trouble navigating around the massive site and really dug how they treated headings and typography, never felt lost. Kudos to the designers of this site.
82nd & Fifth
A spin-off from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a showcase of 100 works of art curated over the course of a year. There are weekly episodes of highlighted art slideshows and intuitive uses for pinch & zoom for viewing the art up close. The site is also available as an app for iOS in 12 different languages.