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7 Major Modules that every Drupal site should have

By rllabore
Mar. 21, 2013

I believe that every Drupal module should have these major contributed modules installed. If I missed something, or you disagree with me, please let me know. Here is a list of major contributed modules that every Drupal site should have:

  • CCK (Drupal 6)
    An easy way to create custom content type and attach fields using a web browser. It is an awesome tool for developers and non-developers. You don't need to write code to create/manage content types.
  • Features
    Allows you to export/import site configuration/content. With Features, site configuration can be tracked by revision control systems such as Git or SVN. If your database gets corrupted for some reason, you can easily bring your site up since your site configuration is checked in the repository.
  • Strongarm
    This module complements Features. It allows you to easily export site configuration.
  • AddThis
    Easy to setup module that allows content to be shared to social networking sites.
  • ImageCache(Drupal 6)
    Allows you to manipulate images on the fly. It also has an admin interface so you can manage image presets, again, no need to write code.
  • Google Analytics
    An easy way to integrate Google Analytics.
  • Administration Menu
    A user-friendly way of navigating through your site as an administrator.
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