Acquia Cloud Reduces Challenges for Media and Entertainment

April 16, 2014
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Drupal website development comes with numerous benefits for the Media and Entertainment industry, varying from secure browsing to responsive design, from video and music players to social media plugins, and many others. Acquia Cloud is a powerful platform for developing and deploying these types of Drupal sites.

A new release of an artist or song can easily spike web traffic, so it's important for websites to be able to anticipate this increase in visits. With today's modern technology people do not like to wait long for a page to load, which can happen with increased traffic to websites. A solution to this problem is Acquia Cloud Enterprise; it has a successful management system which adds bandwidth and other computing solutions to make sure visitors will have faster access to the site.

Security is an important aspect with any website, and especially so in the Media and Entertainment industry; built on Amazon Web Services, Acquia Cloud is able to ensure the security of the website. In addition to that, the Drupal Security Team works hard to ensure every module available on Drupal is secure. With all these supports in place, Acquia Cloud Hosting is also perfect for sites with online shopping ability.

Acquia Cloud Hosting makes it very easy to transfer files, code, and databases between development, staging, and production. With the drag & drop function of Acquia Cloud, users can share code with the client, and when ready, they can drag the code again and drop it to the production environment where the code will go live. It is also possible to drag files from the production environment back to development, and check for any type of security vulnerability hard-coded into the music, photo, film, and so on.

It is possible to have a Drupal multisite on one Acquia Cloud, as well as multiple databases for each sub-site with the support of Acquia Cloud. Acquia Cloud ensures that neither database, nor code, of each website messes up accidentally. This would be useful in situations where many artists are being added to music companies each year - sites can have functionality which better serves fans, sometimes with different web applications on each site.

A typical media-entertainment site has an enormous number of files and documents on its database, meaning it is very important to have a database backup in case of any errors on the site. Acquia Cloud Hosting makes it very easy to back up a database on-demand, or it can be set to back-up every database for each multisite on a nightly basis.

These beautiful Acquia features are not only available from the web interface, but also from Drush (Drupal Shell) command line tool (for command line lovers).

With Acquia Cloud Hosting, users can also make use of the available 24/7 Acquia Support Team. If in need of any documentation to leverage Drupal skills, Acquia Library will be there with many videos, tutorials, and documentation.