Alfresco Multipart Search

October 21
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In one of our recent Alfresco development projects, the client wanted to be able to customize the field that is shown on the search results. The current search page is great but the editors needs more information present.

Here is the current search:

As you can see it provides the user with the keyword and the result set. You can also see all matchin result with the title, some document information and where it is located. You can also click on the icon or name and it will bring the result. This is also sortable based on the out-of-the-box features.

As the editor what if you want to see custom metadata for a specific search? Or you don’t need to know where it is located but the categories are more important for you to see? Our answer is the multipart search.

This is built using webscripts and some custom search queries. As you can see you can quickly select search against the metadata type you want. You can also add criteria the refine your search results.


The search results looks like

The data is shown on a table format. The results are shown with the metadata that you have selected in the search page. The headers for the custom metadata is also sortable by clicking on the chosen header. Clicking on the items will only refine the search results.

What we shown here is a very simplistic view. This can be further customize with a little bit of styling.