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Appnovation a Collaborating Partner in the 2017 Open Source 360° Survey

By vburley
May. 1, 2017

Passionate about Open Source? 

Black Duck, the global leader in automated solutions for securing and managing open source, has just launched the 2017 Open Source 360° Survey, a new research initiative that will build on the trend analysis and insights provided over the last decade by its predecessor, the Future of Open Source Survey.

The 2017 Open Source 360° survey is being conducted through Black Duck’s Center for Open Source Research & Innovation (COSRI) and will focus on four important areas of open source – usage, risk, contributions and governance/policies.

Again this year, Appnovation is an active collaborator as an open source industry leader and part of the open source community, encouraging broad participation in the on-line survey and assuring that the results are as relevant and informative as possible.

"Open source enables innovation to happen rapidly. By sharing knowledge, everyone can build upon what’s been done already. The support community that comes with open source is truly unique, and one that is rapidly evolving and focused on continuous improvement," said Appnovation CEO Arnold Leung. "Being engaged with the community is something that’s really important for Appnovation and with the support of our customers, we’re able to work on their project while at the same contribute code to the community. Community-driven development will take open source to the next level of delivering best-in class technology solutions."

This year’s survey has four major focuses:

  • Usage: A focus on where open source fits in the software development and deployment strategy rather than simply how much open source is being used.
  • Risk: Few companies have good visibility into where open source is being used and therefore lack necessary controls, placing them at risk to known security vulnerabilities. The survey will assess whether that is changing in light of the heightened attention to cybersecurity.
  • Contributions: Companies that once forbade developers from using open source are among today’s most avid contributors to open source projects. This year’s survey will assess contribution trends and look at why companies are contributing.
  • Governance & Policies: The increase in open source use has not always been accompanied by well-developed project selection policies or attention to license obligations. The survey will probe whether companies are becoming more conscious of their need to improve their IP quality.

The goal for 2017 is to exceed last year's record number of 1,300 survey participants, and we're excited to help drive participation in an extremely important open source initiative. 

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