Appnovation's OS Initiative Community Site Launched

October 8
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We’re happy to announce the launch of the Appnovation OS Initiative community site! The site provides a forum for our partners, clients, and developers to discuss bringing open source software to enterprise companies. It includes blog posts, sample architectures, forums, and webinars. As well as a list of all our projects to give enterprise businesses a head start when introducing open source applications into their architecture.


The Appnovation OS Initiative started when a customer needed the enterprise-level content management offered by Alfresco and the user-friendly web content management offered by Drupal. To satisfy their needs, we combined the two in conjunction with their commercial support providers, Acquia and Alfresco. Working with the support providers allowed us to keep the identity of each system, while creating a seamless user experience for our customer. The solution won Alfresco’s Solution of the Year in 2012 and we have since contributed an open source module back to Drupal so that others can create similar solutions. Partnering with the companies behind leading open source software to make software excel in enterprise architectures became the Appnovation OS Initiative to enable Open Source for the Enterprise. It has now expanded to include additional partners Mulesoft and Google.


Three major activities associated with the Appnovation OS Initiative are Appnovation OS Initiative events, the community site, and the osCaddie service offering.

The events are held quarterly and are about bringing together businesses and developers passionate about open source. Each event features speakers from our partners in the initiative such as Acquia, Alfresco, Mulesoft, and Google and guest speakers from our customers including InterScope Records and Time. Our next event will be held on October 14th at Google London and includes guest speakers from Disney and General Dynamics UK. Click here to register.

The Appnovation OS Initiative community site launched October 1st, 2014. The unique site is a place for those using open source software to share their stories and best practices with those considering open source software for their architecture. It has everything from sample architectures, to both technical and non-technical forums, to open source modules that make integrating open source software into an enterprise stack easier. Click here to launch the site.

The third major piece of our Appnovation OS Initiative is the osCaddie service offering. The goal of the service offering is to give enterprise customers the support they need as they start introducing open source into their architecture. It comes with dedicated hours from Appnovation experts that can be used for support, small enhancements or planning next steps for a customer’s solution. Certain tiers of the subscription also include management of contracts for our partner technologies and membership in our customer council to help guide the service offering and toolkit of open source modules created by Appnovation. Click here for more details.