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Auto-filing to Alfresco RM

By jjian
May. 5, 2015

To declare a document in Alfresco repository as record for RM (Record Management), the end user would take the following steps:

1. Declare a document as Record. The document would be copied automatically to the folder ‘Unfiled Records’ under RM site.

2. Record Manager needs to Complete the declaration for Records under ‘Unfiled Records’

3. Record Manager needs to File the completed records to certain record folder under certain Category/File Plan.

Is it possible to declare a document as Record and let Alfresco handle the rest of the steps and file a record to specific folder in RM site? The answer is yes, but customization is needed.

The solution is to create the mapping between the folder out of RM site and the record folder in RM site. This association would be 1:1. With this association, the end user just need to declare a document as Record, Alfresco would handle the rest of the steps and file the Record to target record folder.

On the copied record, there is a field pointing to the original document, so it's possible to capture the creation of the copy and check the mapping from original document's parent folder tree. Once the records coming into Unfiled Records folder, a script could be applied to the records and the script would check the association of the original document. If the mapping (to record folder) exists in the parent tree of the original document, the record would be Completed and Filed to the mapped record folder. If multiple mapping in the folder tree, the first one would be picked up.

To achieve this, a custom aspect including the association needs to be created, and a folder rule with the script should be created to Complete and File the record.

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