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Best Mobile Site Design

By dvillanueva
Feb. 12, 2014

Smartphones and tablets pave-way to mobile websites. Browsing these websites on a mobile often presents a few challenges for designers and developers. A few to mention are: the amount of data a mobile site uses as it often costs money to browse a site on a mobile device; and, the constricted use of space as mobile devices operate in lower resolutions which in turn affects design and usability. Below is a list of examples of best mobile websites that have successfully tackled the challenges of mobile website design and development with smart UI/UX, innovative concepts, and beautiful designs. 

Prometheusreg.com Mobile Site

Prometheusreg Mobile Site

Prometheus is a real estate site based in California that provides real estate information, and helps its users find apartments. The real feature of this site is the easy to use Apartment finder, with its innovative use of google maps api along with a well designed filtering navigation, this website is worth the title as one of the Best Mobile Site Design.

Samsung OLED TV Mobile Site

Samsung OLED Mobile Site

A simple microsite for Samsung's OLED. This site gets credit on design and ease of use. They've tried to maximize the use of space by building a mobile site specifically made for scrolling. By choosing not to put the navigation on a fixed state, and adding a footer navigation they were able to build a simple mobile micro site that's easy to use and provides excellent user flow.

Lexus IS Korea Mobile Site

Lexus IS Korea Mobile Site

Lexus micro site for their IS line. An easy to use mobile site which successfully features all the details of the IS line. With an innovative UI that allows you to view the car in 360 mode and change its colour to all the available paint jobs. The site has great user flow that directs its user to eventually apply for a test drive.

Zachary Mobile Portfolio Site

Zarych Mobile Site

With clever use of masonry and ajax the UI and Design for this responsive site scales down perfectly to any mobile device.

Samovidic Mobile Photography Portfolio Site

Samovidic.com Mobile Site

A simple photography portfolio with simple, easy to understand UI and a simple user flow. Innovative use of animation and masonry adds a little bit of flavour to what could've been a boring mobile site.

Philippe Hong Mobile Portfolio Site

Philippe Hong Mobile Site

Innovative and simple to use UI plus a clean easy to understand design puts this portfolio website as one of the best mobile site designs on my list.

Ultimate Ears Mobile Site

Ultimate Ears Mobile Site

A well designed product site that provides a good first impression, lots of good imagery, and a good look and feel. It also flows its user to buy the product directly from their mobile device.

Abercrombie Mobile E-commerce Site

Abercrombie Mobile Site

The mobile site for Abercrombie tackles every challenge mobile website design and development has to offer. For a large scale website, they've managed to keep everything simple and easy to use while still maintaining their look and feel. The amount of problem solving and concept thats been given to the creation of this site is phenomenal, making it one of the easiest to use mobile e-commerce sites.

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