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Co-op: Your Ticket to Learning from the Pros

By chelsea
Aug. 23, 2016

Allow me to introduce to you our bright new cohort of Appnovators. Please meet Steven, Deepak, Gurinder, Sunny, Bosco, Kim, and Jin! Each of these new Appnovators are co-op students joining our Vancouver office for experiential learning for eight months. They join us from The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Victoria and are working out of our HQ where learning from Technology Enabled Services pros comes easy. Welcome aboard, Appnovators!

Steven Hsu
Title: Quality Assurance 
Co-op Program: Applied Science at The University of British Columbia

Steven is a Computer Engineering student at The University of British Columbia working towards a degree in Applied Science and a minor in Commerce. He enjoys working with web applications and learning new software skills and technologies. In his previous co-op position, Steven was also a QA co-op at UBC IT, where he worked on testing the UBC graduate admissions website and verifying data on the UBC student information system. Outside of work, Steven enjoys watching and playing basketball, snowboarding in the winter, and hopes to one day visit Japan.

Deepak Parmar
Title: IT Support Tech
Co-op Program: Computer Science at the University of Victoria

Deepak is a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of Victoria with a focus on Networking & Communications. He enjoys working with all types of technology whether it be computers, mobile tech, or complex servers. In his previous co-op position, Deepak was an IT Specialist at IBM Canada where he had the opportunity to deal with the networking infrastructure and was part of a major server room decommissioning project that resulted in huge savings for the company. In his spare time, Deepak enjoys boxing and hitting up the gym.

Gurinder Hans
Title: Open Source Developer
Co-op Program: Computer Science at Simon Fraser University

Gurinder is enjoying Computer Science at the Simon Fraser University. This is his second time at Appnovation, his previous time here was spent as an intern working on the OS Accelerate project. Gurinder wishes teleportation would exist so he could get to work in an instant.

Sunny Bath
Title: Pre-Sales Coordinator
Co-op Program: Business Administration at Simon Fraser University

Sunny has always been into entrepreneurship and has worked on a handful of projects of his own, and also for other start-ups. To date, his most significant skill is within the realm of sales and finance. He’s an extremely social person who loves to meet new people and build lasting relationships. He has always excelled in a team environment having been part of both professional and sports teams.

Bosco Noronha
Title: Drupal Support Technician
Co-op Program: Computer Science - Software Engineering at Simon Fraser University

Bosco attends Simon Fraser University at the School of Computing Science, where he is pursuing a Degree in Computing Science, with a focus in Software Engineering & Machine Learning. In his spare time, he is creating startups to solve scalable problems faced by enterprises and students. Currently, he works with the Managed Services team, triaging Drupal issues from our clients. Bosco enjoys climbing mountains, star-gazing, and building software to change the world.

Kim Leung
Title: Project Coordinator
Co-op Program: Business Administration at Simon Fraser University

Born and raised in Vancouver, Kim is currently a business student concentrating in Marketing and Operations Management at Simon Fraser University. Her first co-op work term was in Hong Kong at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. However, she joined Appnovation because her second and third co-op work term at BlackBerry sparked her interest in technology. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, watching movies, and making a mess in the kitchen. Share with her your best food recommendations and worst puns.

Jin Ng
Title: Open Source Developer
Co-op Program: Computer Engineering (BASc) at Simon Fraser University

Jin is studying Computer Engineering (BASc) at Simon Fraser University, minoring in Computer Science and Business. He has a passion for technology and business, and willingness to learn new skills; he interned at Appnovation last summer, is working with friends on a startup, and has analyzed business cases. For hobbies, he enjoys taking photographs, watching movies, and playing video games. Experiential learning through the co-op program is a valuable way to learn hands on skills that you can't learn from sitting in a lecture or reading a textbook.

At Appnovation, you're working alongside Developers, Technical Leads, Project Managers, Directors - you name it! There's no better way to do co-op than the Appno way! If you’d like to be a co-op or know someone who would, please get in touch with Appnovation’s global co-op contact, Chelsea Assimes (chelsea@appnovation.com).

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