Creating departments for open-ring sale on UberPOS

March 21, 2011
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In my previous blog on "adding extra buttons on Uberpos", I talked about how we can add extra functionality to an out-of-box system. I also talked about how UberPOS allows you to create an "open-ring" with the use of uc_catalog and taxonomy module. Which brings me to today's topic: Creating departments for open-ring sale on UberPOS. To quickly recap, Uberpos "provides an interface for cashiers to easily add products to a customer's order, as well as remove them, accept payment, cancel entire orders and print receipts."

A regular sale involves a sku (Stock Keeping Unit), and enters the amount being purchased. In the case of a bulk candy, for example, you can simply have all bulk candies entered in a department. Here are the steps to create taxonomy terms to be used as departments when

1. Enable taxonomy module and uc_catalog module - This will automatically create a vocabulary called "Catalog". You can view this on http://{}/admin/content/taxonomy/list

2. Then create terms for the catalog, either go click "add terms" or go to http://{}/admin/content/taxonomy/{VID}/add/term/ . You can view a list of department category here http://{}/admin/content/taxonomy/{VID}

3. Now if you go to the pos screen http://{}/admin/store/pos you will be able to create open-ring items simply by entering the amount, then the key word "DP", and then the term id (tid) of the term. So it will look something like "1050DP23", this means that I have an open-ring sale for $10.50 for Department 23, which will be for all bulk candies.

Now how will you be able to remember all the departments? You can simply write it down in a piece of paper and stick beside your cash register, or since we are programmers we can create a block for it, for example. We can make use of the Views module and create a simple list of category and tid, then place it maybe on the bottom of the POS screen

That's it folks! If you have any questions or suggestion, please write your comments below.