Creating a simple Drupal 6 blog using CCK and Views - Pt2.

November 17, 2011
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Sometime ago I posted a blog: "Creating a simple Drupal 6 blog using CCK and Views - Pt1." where I explained the basics of creating a content type and a view page that displays a listing of that content type. Today I'm going to complete the process by adding tags and/or categories to the content type and creating an RSS feed. This post is targeted at beginners so, if you're already familiar with Drupal you probably won't see anything new here, Now that you have your content type and view setup, next thing you'll want to do is to add taxonomy terms (aka tags/categories) to it. Here is what were going to do:

  1. Go to: YourSiteAddress/admin/content/taxonomy and click add Vocabulary.
  2. Name the vocabulary accordingly and select which content type(s) it applies to
  3. Select if you'll be using free-tagging and if the user can select multiple terms and save it

Simple! Now if you edit one of your nodes or create a new one you'll have the option to add tags to it. For the next step, you'll probably want to add a tag cloud, which is very easy with the Tagadelic module.

  1. Download and enable the Tagadelic module
  2. Visit the blocks page and place the "Tags in Tags" block on your blog pages.

For the final step we'll create an RSS feed for our content type.

  1. Download and enable the Views RSS module
  2. Go to the blog view and add a feed display
  3. Select Style:RSS Feed - Fields
  4. Select a Path to the feed
  5. Add whatever fields you want to be displayed on your feed.

All you have to do now is add the link to your RSS feed on any desired locations on your site and we're done! Note that I'm using a blog as an example but this process can be used to essentially any content type. Happy theming! Érico Vinicius