Decline and Fall of the Homepage....?


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April 24
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Decline and Fall of the Homepage....

When was the last time you visited a homepage of a website you’ve visited before?

Did you actually come from our homepage?

The traditional homepage is where companies would put everything and anything on it.

From news, blogs, company slogans, large images of landscapes, advertisements, white space with provocative call outs, and just clusters of unread content. Its 2018, increasingly websites will move further and further away from these, and move towards more dynamic and personalized entry points.

The main influences pushing the homepage to its death:


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People who are looking to find information are coming from online search engines to find it. They go directly from their search results to the interior webpage that has the information.

Skipping the homepage completely and accessing straight to their answers.

Think of it this way, you enter the same grocery store that you have visited for years. You know what you are looking for, “Milk” for the kids. As soon as you go in, you go directly to the dairy section thats always been in the left corner of the store. Just like entering a website as a returning user why deal with information about this grocery store! This is the clutter and aisles that users want to get past. Which leads us to the next influence.


A lot of sites that you visit daily such as youtube, reddit, social media websites, and several news sites you don’t actually navigate to their homepage. You have your own personalize subscription page or dashboard type of entry point.


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As cross device journeys and hands off devices continue to evolve, websites as brochures or shopping experiences will change. Voice controlled home devices don’t have time to scrub through a homepage.

With the advancements in technology, people in general are becoming more aware and technologically savvy to understand how to get what information they want and that is from learning and scanning through webpages and almost ignoring irrelevant content on the homepage.

By all means I am not saying don’t have a homepage, certain businesses still need it. It is still your company’s first impression. I am saying it is just not as important as it use to be, don’t put all your eggs on your homepage. With its death it will push companies, designers, and web developers to think more about their interior pages and points of entry.