Drupal 5.0 View Module Bug

March 9, 2009
blog author

Arnold Leung


For an E-Commerce site that my company is working on, we need to create a View which shows a list of products based on 2 arguments. For those who do not know what Views Arguments is, you can check out this page. Views arguments basically allows you to control the view using the URL arguments such as abc.com/argument1/argument2 . For example, you can control the view such that only content associated with the taxonomy term a and the taxonomy term b are displayed based on the url: abc.com/a/b . It is a really neat tool for controlling the information that is displayed as part of the view. The problem with views is in having 2 taxonomy arguments as part of the code. For our case, we have a url: http://abc.com/a where a is the first taxonomy term and the other taxonomy term is b which is consistent across all instances of this view. There is bug in views such that when there are 2 taxonomy arguments, nothing will show up even though there is content with the 2 taxonomy terms. The fix for this bug can be found here: http://drupal.org/node/77543 .