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October 6, 2011
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osCaddie seamlessly integrates the power of Drupal and Alfresco delivering a web and intranet platform that can handle both web and document management requirements. It combines the flexibility of Drupal as a front end web development platform with the power of Alfresco as an Enterprise content management and workflow system. On September 14th we, along with our partners Acquia and Alfresco, conducted a webinar introducing osCaddie by Appnovation: a Drupal/Alfresco Integrated Solution. The webinar recording is below featuring speakers James Heise (Appnovation), Bryan House (Acquia) and Peter Monks (Alfresco) and covers: An introduction to WCM An introduction to Acquia An introduction to Alfresco Advantages to integrating Drupal and Alfresco A live demo of several common use cases where this integration provides an elegant and simple solution for:

  • From a single, integrated interface edit content and initiate workflows
  • Easily update your web or intranet with batch loading HTML files and documents into Alfresco and publishing them in Drupal
  • Track and manage content better by uploading documents inside a Drupal intranet and having them be stored inside of Alfresco

An explanation of the mechanics behind osCaddie Here is the full recording of the webinar

osCaddie Webinar - September 14, 2011 from Appnovation Technologies on Vimeo.

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