Drupal + HTML5: The Team Your Team Needs

April 18
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You’ve likely heard of Batman and Robin, Simon and Garfunkel, Henrik and Daniel. But today, I’d like to pay tribute to a dynamic duo that deserves to be recognized with the likes of the aforementioned: Drupal and HTML5.

Like most dynamic duos, Drupal development and HTML5 development are great standalones. But together? Potential for magic.

Drupal, for starters, is a powerful engine. Its very thin client architecture allows performance to be isolated to the server and contains everything within its structure. Almost everything lives server side, and therefore the server does most of the work. However, every time the page loads, the client must then make a request to the server for each new set of HTML, forcing the server to repeat the same process over and over.

Contrastingly, HTML5 builds and runs everything client side, going back to the server only when necessary. This significantly reduces the lag from the server. And in a world now dominated by smartphones and tablets and their varying development platforms and languages; the case for HTML5, supported by almost all of these devices, just grows stronger. However, HTML5 still requires an engine to drive all this power.

And so, as seen in demonstrations of physics but also with love, opposites attract, and perhaps that’s why Drupal and HTML5 appear to be made to collaborate with each other. Hybrid solutions marrying the two allow Drupal to manage typical server side content management requirements, while providing HTML5 the capabilities to distribute and push off a lot of the logic to the clients, running on mobile devices in a fashion akin to native apps. Using HTML5 JavaScript frameworks such as Sproutcore alongside Drupal offer many benefits, including the MVC design pattern, content bindings, and sparse arrays.

Perhaps recognizing dynamic duo Drupal and HTML5 and what they are capable of together is the first step in leading your team to victory.

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