Drupal as a Microsite Platform

July 9
blog author

Arnold Leung


A few days ago, I came across a question on LinkedIn about "Which tool do you recommend to build microsites rapidly?". Some users have posted about Joomla and others have mentioned Alfresco. In terms of building microsites, I believe that Drupal is the perfect platform for this due to the multi-site capabilities. Using Drupal, we can easily construct a single database and codebase infrastructure and create sites with the same functionalities but a different look-and-feel. The domain access module allows for the easy set up of new microsites on the platform. We recently launched a multi-site platform for the Canadian Cancer Society. The platform is used for the various campaign web sites operated by the society. These include sites such as: ThingaMaBoob (breast cancer campaign) and Toxics Campaign. Another parental health education community will soon be on the platform too.

For the society, the key reasons behind launching a multi-site platform is the ease in adding administrators who can update content across the sites. The platform also reduces maintenance cost by having one code base. I would imagine that a lot of other non profits can also benefit from having a platform like this. This is especially true for organizations with a lot of different campaigns, each requiring a different web site.