Drupalcamp Atlanta 2012

November 1
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Project Manager

Drupalcamp Atlanta 2012! I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at the event and to fly all the way to Atlanta, Georgia - it was awesome! The camp took place at Cobb Galleria Centre with about 300 in attendance; for those in need of accommodations – attendees and presenters – we stayed at Renaissance Waverly Hotel.

Renaissance Waverly Hotel Atrium area.

First impressions of the Atrium are reminiscent of a town hall or a village if you will, very ‘community-feel’. The camp and hotel were within walking distance, extremely convenient, no need for a vehicle whatsoever. There were 30 sessions broken into 6 groups of 5 distributed across 5 rooms. One of the rooms was a ballroom which can hold approximately 400 people, but since it was set-up with tables and chairs it ended up holding about 250 people. I presented in the ballroom! An excerpt of the presentation:

Speaking at Ballroom on Drupal+HTML5+CSS3+JS = RIA. Left side: Giant Drupal Head!

“Drupal + HTML5 + CSS3 + JS = Rich Internet Application, an expression that bridges the gaps between content management and interactive UI, thus delivering, as a package to users, a Rich Internet Application experience. A fancy and responsive UI equals happy users; accessible and organized contents equal happy managers. Moreover, days where web applications only live on servers are gone, and most importantly, they can operate across multiple platforms: smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Running intertwined between online and offline mode becomes a possibility as well.”

After the event, we all gathered at the staircase to do a group photo, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the picture; otherwise I would post it up here. It was quite a view! There was an After-Party at night, it was meant for networking, I had a cheer with a beer and then headed back to my room for some time to unwind. I met a great many peers who I hope to stay in touch with, truly a grand experience.

Here is the link to the presentation slides: Drupal + HTML5+CSS3+JS = RIA
And the link to download the demo I used: Demo