DrupalCamp Montreal 2014

September 26
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The seventh annual DrupalCamp Montreal took place at McGill University on September 12nd and 13th. The camp started on Friday evening, September 12, with a pre-conference keynote on ‘gender and diversity issues in the tech industry’, followed by a presentation given by the organizers of ‘Montreal Girl Geeks’.

The sessions started the next day. There were many interesting session topics varying from Drupal 8 to SaaS, from EntityMetadataWrappers to FormAPI. Presentations were classified for the audience who had beginner, intermediate or advanced level of knowledge about the topic. Beginner-wise presentations were scheduled early on the day for the sake of the sessions that would follow the rest of the day. There were 4 presentations in one time-slot, and each presentation was 45 minutes long, including Q&A. Participants were given 15 minutes each in between the presentations to be able to travel from one venue to another. There were around 20-30 people in the sessions which we attended. After the lunch, we all gathered at one of the auditoriums for a group photo.

Credit to Chris Luckhardt Photography

I and Saad prepared a web app using Drupal 8 RESTful web services and AngularJS. Our aim was to show other Drupal developers that Drupal is a world-class content API that can easily be integrated with a very powerful javascript framework, using out-of-box services of Drupal 8 (thinking of migrating to Drupal 8? We do that too!). For this, we had a headless Drupal, meaning that visitors would not interact with Drupal directly, but would see the page created with javascript framework, however Drupal would be running in the background to prepare the content. Using REST Export that comes with Views, we exported our content on JSON, and sent HTTP request to our Drupal site using AngularJS (check out a very useful Appnovation tutorial, here).

We had a great turnout (not to mention Bradley and Francis, who were there to support us) for our presentation which was held at 3:30PM in a pretty techy classroom. Attendees seemed very interested when they realized the ease and possibility of integrating Drupal with other frameworks.

The camp ended after a thank you speech given to the sponsors, and a book raffle. Three of us Appnovators were fortunate enough to leave the camp with 3 books: Drupal 7 Explained, Learning Javascript, and Learning jQuery. They are placed among other cool books in Appnovation Montreal bookshelf which we have just assembled!