DrupalCon New Orleans 2016



June 15
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Senior Drupal Developer

Now that the dust has settled from DrupalCon, which took place in New Orleans about 6 weeks ago, it’s time to take a look at some of the highlights.

As always DrupalCon kicked of with the prenote followed by Dries’ keynote. In the keynote, Dries discussed the future of Drupal based on a survey that he put out a few months ago. The results of this survey have helped influence a number of initiatives, which can now go into Drupal 8 due to the new release cycle. I will be dedicating 100% of my time to one of these initiatives centred around content workflow. This time is being funded by one of Appnovation’s clients who are really keen on getting these features into Drupal, they’re really behind the initiative and really get the whole concept, which is awesome!

One new thing we can do with Drupal 8 is test JavaScript. Daniel Wehner gave a talk about this and how you can make use of it. There are currently very few JavaScript tests in Drupal core, but with the DrupalCI testbot now able to run these tests this will be a growing area.

Using Drupal with Logstash is great for aggregating, filtering and visualising data from multiple log streams. In this session Marji talked about solutions he’s been using and working with and has really good solutions for better understanding logs.

Alex and Matthew gave a great session on working with the configuration system in Drupal 8. The Configuration Management Initiative was a very early initiative in the Drupal 8 lifecycle and has solved the issue with how to version and move configuration between site environments. This session builds on that and gives some really practical advice and insight into what’s to come.

Core Conversations are a great way at DrupalCon to present ideas around Drupal Core. These don’t have to be related to code, they can be managing the issues queues, project workflow, or user experience. Gabor and Angie presented some of their ideas on project workflow for Drupal 8, because now there is a new release cycle and using semantic version there is a whole load of new possibility when working with core.

Wednesday started with a keynote from Sara Wachter-Boettcher, which gave an interesting perspective from someone outside of the Drupal communtiy on design and crafting content for kindness. This was quite an emotional talk but seemed to lift the lid on a very different kind of user experience design. 

One of the other initiatives touched on by Dries was relating to APIs in Drupal. One potential here is using GraphQL, Sebastian gave a session on using GraphQL with Drupal

Over the last year, The Drupal Association has been doing an awesome job rolling out new features to Drupal.org. Their engineering team gave a session on the new features including content changes, issue credits, and composer support.

Other than GraphQL another potential API for Drupal is provided by the Relaxed Web Services module, which I have been working on for almost a year now. This module provides endpoints to match CouchDBs API allowing content to be replicated to other Drupal sites using the module or to other CouchDB compatible services such as PouchDB and CouchDB itself. Mikkel and Dick give a session on using this module with PouchDB to create offline and decoupled Drupal sites

Thursday started with the third and final keynote, this time a community keynote from Michael Schmid about brain health.

Directly after this it was time for my session, a core conversation on the Workflow Initiative. This session stepped through each core issue that made up the initiative plan. Even now 6 weeks after the conference the plan has vastly changed, but we’re making good progress towards the 8.2.0 release of Drupal core.

Near the end of the final day Dries gave a retrospective on Drupal 8 and answered many questions.

Then came the closing session, which included the first ever DrupalCon proposal (she said yes!).

See you all in Dublin for the next DrupalCon. Session submissions are open, I am volunteering my spare time to the Core Conversations track, so I look forward to reviewing your submissions. Get your ticket now!