Hello! Meet our Summer/Fall 2018 Co-op Students

September 18, 2018
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Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

We've had a great summer at Appnovation and we're headed into a busier and more exciting fall. We're proud to continue our support of local post secondary schools through our co-op program, giving students value-added work experience, while they infuse our offices with a fresh shot of inspiration and ideas. 

A big welcome to our students Ali, Daphne, David, James, Nicolas, Shirley, Stephen and Zee! Learn more about them below:


Ali Javed, Drupal Developer Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Computer Engineering (CPEN) at the University of British Columbia.

Ali is looking forward to improving his programming proficiency while working on web projects as part of the Drupal team. His favourite thing about Appnovation is the company culture and how much fun he’s having while continuing with his co-op. He looks forward to learning and challenging himself as he takes on more projects and sees himself growing and working in the tech industry after graduating.

Fun Fact: Ali funded the building of wells in Ethiopia to provide clean drinking water by organizing music events and shows at UBC.


Daphne Tse, Opportunities Coordinator, Pre-Sales Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) specializing in Business Technology Management (BTM) at the University of British Columbia.

Daphne is very excited to be a part of Appnovation this fall. The company is propelling forward and growing in both size and global presence, which makes it the perfect time for her to learn in an environment with lots of great leadership and empowerment. As a part of the Pre-Sales team, she really likes the idea of being a steward of information in order to help win business through storytelling. She's learning something new and interesting everyday, and would like to continue gaining technical knowledge and expertise.

Fun Fact: Daphne can read a 300 page book in 3 to 4 hours, and has read 4 books in one week this summer. She's currently working on finishing at least 24 books this year.


David Mao, Quality Assurance Co-op

Program: Systems Engineering at Simon Frasier University.

David has really enjoyed the openness and strong communication between the different teams such as business analysts and developers. The best part for him is the pet friendly environment. He finds that it really helps with de-stressing and staying more productive. His future goals include continuing exploration into automation, mobile development, and user interface design. David hopes to specialize in one of those fields after he graduates.

Fun Fact: What you need to know about David is that he is a transit nerd. So if you ever get lost, give him a shout.


James Tugman, Sales Enablement Coordinator Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) specializing in Business Technology Management (BTM) at The University of British Columbia.

James has been helping keep the Sales Team updated in Appnovation’s CRM, by chatting with them, communicating changes throughout the team and hopefully making their busy days just a little less stressful. He recently just wrapped up some work as a Business Analyst on a project, talking with clients onsite to try to best set up the Appno team back at home base.

Fun Fact: James is an avid jazz sax player, studying/performing for 7 years and even being accepted for some university music programs.


Nicolas Pizarro, Opportunities Coordinator, Pre-sales Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), concentrating in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Simon Fraser University.

Nicolas is fully enjoying his coop at Appnovation within the pre-sales team. He enjoys learning about open source technologies and how they are used to solve real world problems everyday at Appnovation. What he loves most is the fast paced environment and ability to be on a wide variety of bids, applying his creative and business mindset constantly. You can often find him playing pool at lunch with his coworkers.

Fun Fact:  He used to play for the SFU Badminton team.


Shirley Chu, Project Analyst Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Simon Fraser University, concentrating in MIS, Marketing, and BADM Certification.

Shirley is currently in her final year of studies at SFU’s Beedie School of Business. She has previously worked for different start-ups in the entertainment and travel industries, and most recently interned at Samsung. She’s looking forward to combining those experiences in order to help Appnovation’s Managed Services team with their operations. Additionally, she’s excited to be able to apply the concepts she’s learned in her project management courses.

Fun Fact: She’s slightly obsessed with Elle Woods and Legally Blonde and can’t wait for the next movie to come out!


Stephen Li, Mobile Developer Co-op

Program: Bachelor of Science - Major in Computer Science at The University of British Columbia.

Stephen believes that he indulges in Appnovation's fantastic culture a little too much whether it’s sipping on a cup of vanilla chocolate or playing Injustice 2 and pool in the kitchen. With a positive mindset and a hard-working team, he knows that he is contributing to making impactful mobile applications for our clients. During his time here Stephen hopes to further develop his technical skills in both hybrid and native mobile development so that in the long run he will be able to pump out innovative apps that can alleviate struggles in our daily lives.

Fun Fact: Stephen has travelled to different countries around the world to enter violin and piano competitions. His passion for Bossa Nova music is everlasting.


Zee Samnani, Opportunities Coordinator, Pre-sales Co-op

Program: Joint Business Administration and Economics Major (BBA), concentrating in Entrepreneurship & Innovation / Finance at Simon Fraser University.

Zee is enjoying his co-op at Appnovation. He enjoys the fast-paced nature of the organization and its ability to help clients reach their business goals. He’s had the opportunity to work on a variety of bids in a culture that prioritizes growth, openness and teamwork.

Fun Fact: Zee is an avid tap dancer and fantasy football player.


To learn more about Appnovation's co-op program, contact our global Talent Acquisition team today! We look forward to hearing from you.