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How do we Test a Drupal Website at Appnovation?

By wwu
May. 28, 2014

At Appnovation, we take pride in delivering professional and innovative Drupal based solutions that are tailored to the needs of our clients. Project to project we have created, designed, and customized a variety of work. We practice a depth of continuous collaboration between stakeholders - including business analysts, developers, testers, and clients throughout the production process. Testing becomes an essential component of each and every phase of the developmental process, with quality being “baked in,” through constant feedback, to the project at every stage of its development through constant feedback.

Drupal is a open source software package with an endless variety of customization which allows you to easily organize, manage, and publish content. Testing customization with Drupal becomes quite challenging when there are many available modules and flexible ways of approaching the same solution. The Appnovation Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that customized Drupal functionality is compliant with the clients’ business needs. Our QA team participates and fulfills a variety of responsibilities conjointly with other team members; we are involved right from the very beginning of a project, working closely with business analysts and developers. We work closely with business analyst to develop acceptance criteria for their user stories, and challenge assumptions to help clarify the business requirements. We excel at identifying and capturing complex and negative test-case scenarios that improve clarity and avoid misunderstanding with developers. We provide fast feedback to Drupal developers about expected behaviour to reduce the bug-fixing cycle. Our QA team ensures that the project satisfies the defined completion criteria before the project goes live, or before it is turned over to the client.

Many Appnovation Drupal solutions try to use as much built-in functionality as possible without too much customization; our QA team ensures that existing Drupal functionality is working as expected. Below is a common checklist that we perform regression testing on before every major release:

  • content publishing
  • menu navigation
  • browser compatibility
  • integration with APIs
  • permissions, roles, and access
  • localization
  • performance
  • admin UI and workflows

A common challenge that our QA team faces when testing a Drupal website is dealing with real content. Most Drupal sites are full of content; issues are not discovered until real-world content is provided. Variation of real-world content can causes layout issue, interlinking between content, or changes in content type structure. It is a great investment to prepare for a suite of realistic test content that includes what a user might enter at the beginning of the project.

While QAs still write tests and report bugs, we also support many other roles and responsibilities on the team. We are an important part of the team and are involved in the project right from the very beginning. As Drupal projects become more complex, testing becomes more important to each project’s success.


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