How to Enable Disqus On Drupal

August 13, 2014
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Why Disqus?

Disqus is a popular alternative to the Drupal Commenting module. So why is that?

First, Disqus is free to use and works on virtually any type of website. You can easily import all your existing comments, integrate social networks, and collect user information. It is also simple and quick to configure, can be modified for your website’s design and theme, and provides some really nice moderation features. Most importantly, it gives the commenting section of your website a community feel.


How to Set Up?

1. Download the Disqus module for Drupal, here.

2. Once the download is completed, enable the module.

3. You will also need to create an account with Disqus to register your site.

4. After registering your site, Disqus will give you a unique id which you will input in Disqus' setting as the ‘shortname’ (This unique id is basically the name that you used when registering your site). You can access diqus setting in Drupal at /admin/config/services/disqus.

5. Save the settings.

Now you can go to /admin/people/permissions and setup the necessary permissions for disqus. If everything goes well, disqus should show up on your site. Also you can go to to manage your site options.


Tip: If you are doing development on a local machine, you can go to admin/config/services/disqus and check the option for testing. This way the stats won't get uploaded to Disqus site.


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