How NRC IRAP helped Appnovation Technologies

February 7
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Appnovation received support through NRC IRAP to proceed with a second round of R&D on osCaddie, an open source integration platform which combines the flexible frontend of the Drupal web content management system and the document management capabilities of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. The program allowed Appnovation to innovate on this platform in a number of key areas including creating a more efficient integration between Drupal and Alfresco, delivering robust file management and providing support for mobile devices. With the help of NRC IRAP, Appnovation made great progress with the osCaddie platform which enabled new opportunities to be secured including:

  • Securing long term services contracts with Mercy Health Systems (one of the largest health care providers in the US) to provide open source integration services using osCaddie
  • Making great progress in working with US State Governments helping them with Alfresco and Drupal integration, including multiple services contracts to assist state governments on several integration projects

In addition to growing revenues for the company and providing an entrance into the US Government sector, Appnovation, due to the success of the osCaddie platform, was able to grow substantially from a personnel standpoint, nearly doubling in size since the beginning of 2012. Furthermore, NRC IRAP support has enabled Appnovation to accelerate its global market expansion with the addition of an office in the United Kingdom. Through this UK office, Appnovation has been able to market the osCaddie platform to various European based organizations, thus helping to establish Appnovation as the leader in Drupal Alfresco integration. Specifically, Appnovation has been able to secure enterprise customers in Europe, working with world leading companies such as Pfizer.